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Based in a suburb of Dallas, TX, American Machinery Group, LLC has built a Team of Manufacturing Professionals with Decades of Experience in the Machine Tool Industry with Passion for their work.


Now in our 11th year, the company continues building on the Experience gained Manufacturing WaterJet Solutions with over 1,000 Systems Supported in the field from the Foundations of Calypso WaterJet & American WaterJet Products.


 The name change to American Machinery Group, LLC is meant to showcase our expanded product line with the introduction of the Liberty FiberLaser Systems, Freedom & Patriot Series WaterJet Gantries along with Hydraulic Intensifier Pumps.


 The American brand will Encompass All products offered by American Machinery Group, LLC to Highlight our continued efforts to Manufacture Affordable All-American Built Solutions .


 The Liberty FiberLaser itself reflects our Dedication to our Customer base who made the initial requests for a FiberLaser Solution that is Affordable, Accurate, Robust & that runs on Simple Software like our WaterJets.


Our new Manufacturing Facility allows us to Build All Products from the Ground Up using almost exclusively American Manufactured Components which results in High Quality & Affordable Products.


We provide a Full range of Installation, Parts & Support for all products we sell.